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Yo DIY Musicians! Brad here, I’m the lead singer in the band Two Year Break & head of the creative content department for Hookings Management. That means I get to spend most of my time out in the field helping musicians bring their visions to life, creating music videos and taking photos. I also specialise in graphic & web design, so I create loads of promotional visual content like album/EP artwork, websites & EPK’s, merch designs, merch store images, gig poster art, release banners,  social media cover images & more! 
Pretty much anything that is going to help make your artist page stand out, enhancing your online presence & boosting your sales!


rOyals - home

Two Year Break - #bitbright

Death of guitar pop - back of a lorry

rolled up sleeves - yOU'RE IN lOVE WITH AN IDIOT

The Bracknall - I don't Understand it

Blitz kartel - chess



Death Of Guitar Pop - Cinderella's Fella  (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


Death Of Guitar Pop - No.1 In America (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Death Of Guitar Pop - Back Of A Lorry (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Death Of Guitar Pop - Junkie Man (Ska Cover) (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Death Of Guitar Pop - DOGP Shuffle Feat. King Hammond

Death Of Guitar Pop - The Squire (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Death Of Guitar Pop - Ska Is The Bollocks (Co - Directed/ Produced)


Death Of Guitar Pop - 69 Candy Street (Directed)

Death Of Guitar Pop - Feeling Like A Right James Blunt At Christmas (Co - Directed/Produced/ Camera Assistant)

Death Of Guitar Pop - “Suburban Ska Club” Feat. Neville Staple (Directed)


Death Of Guitar Pop - Singles Night (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Two Year Break - Lovin' Every Day (feat. Charlie Simpson) (Directed)

Two Year Break - OMG He's In The House (Directed)

Two Year Break - #bitbright (Directed/Co-Filmed/Edited)

Two Year Break - Do You Wanna Find Love? (Directed/ Edited)

Two Year Break - I'm Over It (Directed/ Edited)


Two Year Break - Change My Mind (Co - Directed)


Two Year Break - DALTITE (Co - Directed)


Two Year Break - Passing By (feat. Lily-Ann) (Directed/Edited)

Royals - Home (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


Lonely Hands Band - From Here To Something (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Block 33 - Square Man (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Block 33 - Broken By Design (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Block 33 - Better Tell The Devil (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Block 33 - Changes (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Block 33 - Hit The Ground (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


Block 33 - Eye Of The Hurricane (Directed)


Block 33 - (These Are) The Good Old Days (Directed)


Block 33 - What The World’s Expecting (Directed)


Ruti - O Holy Night (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


Ruti - O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Rolled Up Sleeves - You're In Love With An Idiot (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Kind Heated Thieves - The Way We Fall (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Kind Hearted Thieves - Favour The Bold (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Kind Hearted Thieves - Nevermoor (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


The Bracknall - Going Nowhere Fast (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

The Bracknall - Fell By The Wayside (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

The Bracknall - I Don't Understand It (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

The Bracknall - Till It's Gone (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

The Bracknall - Start Again (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


The Bracknall - Can’t Stay Here Tonight (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Grungers - Light Me Up (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Grungers - The Survivor (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Grungers - Beggars Belief (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Grungers - Straighty 180 (Directed/Filmed/Edited)


Grungers - Drink The Worm (Directed/ Co Edited)


Grungers - Beggars Belief (Acoustic) (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Honess Jones - Modest (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Honess Jones - ORCHIDS (Co - Edited)

AKA The Syndicate - Save It (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

AKA The Syndicate - Two Sides Of The City (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Casino - Million Dollars (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Casino - Ten Bag (Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Casino - Ride (Co-Directed/Filmed/Edited)

Last Known State - X Years Time (Directed/Filmed/Edited) 

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